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Nagaoka Manufacturer's Guide
4 Reasons Why you should choose Nagaoka
[Abundant High Technology] accumulated historicaly
[Abundant Human Resources] 3 universities and technical college
Academia-Industry collaboration and R&D Promotion
Convenient location for easy logistics
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Nagaoka Kouhan

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Ando Shiki Co, Ltd

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Kondo Seiki Co., Ltd.

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Kashiwazaki Country Club
Kashiwazaki Country Club
Zip : 945-0402
1345 Oaza Miyagawa Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Japan
TEL : 0257-35-2221
FAX : 0257-35-2151
Golf club in Kashiwazaki city with 27 holes. You can enjoy your play with a beautiful view and cool breeze from the Japan sea.
However, when the wind is strong, you need to prepare for a rough ride.

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